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Who We Are?


Wings for Ewing Sarcoma Inc is incorporated in the state of  New York and a registered 501(c)(3). This foundation was thought of during my own battle with Ewing Sarcoma and is officially a registered charitable non-profit. You can support our cause by making a donation that will be used for pediatric oncology patients, or raise awareness by purchasing products from our store. You can also find and like us on Facebook and Instagram. We will be sending out updates and notifications on what our foundation is up to.


Throughout my journey I was inspired by organizations that have either raised money for Ewing Sarcoma Research or improved the lives for those dealing with childhood cancers. Because I saw the importance of both types of organizations, I came up with the idea to create a multi-purpose platform that serves both the research and patient community. I hope to inspire others dealing with childhood cancers and I hope that you will consider joining and donating to our organization in the fight to ending Ewing Sarcoma!


Why the name Wings for Ewing Sarcoma?


A Yellow Butterfly is the symbol for Ewing Sarcoma, and all types of bone cancer. Butterflies played a huge symbolic importance to me throughout my treatment and continues to remain close to my heart. Butterflies can spread their wings and fly, and all childhood cancer patients should have their opportunity to show their wings, making their own impact on this world!

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