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In Memory of Kamneev Rai

Kamneev, the star that shone so brightly in our lives, but for too short a span, completed her mortal journey on February 13th, 2023 in the arms of her sister and surrounded by her parents. Kamneev was an immensely talented and accomplished musician, proficient in 27 instruments—including the violin and dilruba—and extremely passionate about Sikh classical music.


Despite the challenges she faced, Kamneev accomplished much during the course of her life. She acquired her Bachelor's in Music Education, Orchestral Conducting, and Finance at Augustana College, Illinois. While undergoing chemotherapy, she simultaneously completed her Master's degree in Violin Performance at the Roosevelt University Chicago College of Performing Arts, and she was pursuing her PhD in ethnomusicology—with a focus on Sikh classical music—at University College Dublin, Ireland.


Kamneev was also a fearless and avid traveler. After completing her undergraduate degree, she moved to Estonia, performing and participating in conducting festivals for three years. She also volunteered her time, crossing the border into the Ukraine to provide humanitarian aid. She spent last April traveling to Pakistan—where she had the opportunity to do Keertan at Nankana Sahib, Kartarpur, and Beri Sahib in Sialkot. In total, Kamneev traveled to over 50 countries during her lifetime.


Kamneev will be dearly missed by all the people whose lives she touched.

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